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It's Over - Election 2020!
The People!
The Votes!
The States!
The Supreme Court!
The Electoral College!
And Yes - The Fat Lady Sings And Twerks!
ALL Have Spoken Loud And Clear!

💥💥💥💥💥 Bye Bye Trump 💥💥💥💥💥
Apologies If "The Fat Lady Sings And Twerks" "Offends" You!


330,000+ Deaths (November 7, 2020) - Along With "Economic/Social Carnage" - Is Real ... NOT "Fake News!" 🤬

I miss "normal activities/travel/socializing/interactions" just like everyone else 😢 However, there are creative ways to stay connected! 🤓

I choose to "mask up" and purposefully socially distance - w/hygiene awareness - whenever I'm "out/about!"

Fact: We ALL have different political/social/religious views!

However ... those "differences/views" DO NOT AFFECT my respect/appreciation and ❤ for you. 👉 That's something you have absolutely NO control over! 👈

Friendships/Relationships Are W-A-A-A-Y More Important Than BULL$#!+ 💩

That's My "Position," I OWN IT And I'm Sticking With It! 😉

Hold My Beer 🍻

Stay Home - Stay Safe - Stay "Connected!"

All The Best ...

Greg 😷